Improve CEIN

How Can CEIN Improve?

Some of you are new to CEIN and others have been through many forums, read the newsletters and contributed your time and advice. Our mission is to help and support you as Soka educators. Many of us don't always FEEL so special, especially when the transient reality in front of us – that student or that administrator or that teacher – tries to make us forget that we are buddhas. When you feel that way you can always contact us (which some of you already do) or discuss these things at the next forum. We are also trying to make our website better and better so that it can be a better resource.
Most of the time the Planning Group discusses how to improve, you are all very busy in your professions or on the front lines of kosen-rufu. So this is a time to hear from the members of our community.
The newsletters: (published quarterly, with 2 devoted to a summary of the two forums, 1 to the general meeting and the last to a Soka educator's experience)
The Spring and Fall Forums: (online forums, each one month long, the Spring Forum focuses on the current Peace Proposal; the second on ideas from the CEIN community or a recent proposal or speech by Sensei) The format of each is to study a concept or person in Buddhism, see how Sensei uses this in his work, then discuss how to apply this in our own lives and then how to apply this in school.
How could we help YD to participate? Many of them are not well versed in study so they may feel like they couldn't contribute. On the other hand exposing them to such study could be very useful and transform their work, as it has ours in many ways.


CEIN Development

  • I feel we need to find the umbrella issues, and solve them locally each in our unique circumstances.
  • CEIN could help create strong Soka educators in their own communities.
  • Nuclear Disarmament Clock toward 2015

Wiki Development

  • ** When we reference quotations from Sensei we should give the book and page numbers as much as possible or create a footnote system so details are in one place
    • i would reiterate doing an "active" lesson within the classroom using CEIN "live". we did a similiar tracking in my 4th grade class a few years ago when the Hawaiian sailing canoe "Hokule`a" was sailing down to the Sadawal island in Micronesia. we did a "live" tracking that enabled the students to talk w/the crew and ask questiions about location, weather and navigation. students love "live"!!
    • CEIN help teach a class.

    • I found the wiki very practical for our meetings.
    • The most interesting part of the wiki was the time flexibility. We can go in when it's more convenient and post our comments and ideas and check the comments later.
    • What was the most interesting part of the wiki? that we were all able to communicate, edit and write seamlessly, cooperatively and successfully!
    • perhaps interactive within classrooms to further the experience of our students.