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Sunday, December 31

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Tuesday, June 13

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    CEIN's Statement in support of Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty
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Wednesday, June 7

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    We, the Creative Educators International Network (CEIN), are concerned about the extreme dangers and costs to human life, all life and our planet that nuclear weapons bring to the world and of the world’s practical, moral and spiritual need to serve life rather than build instruments of death.
    as well.
    Examples of needless pain and suffering, from nuclear accidents like Fukushima exist around the world where it will be 2000 years before the land heals itself and people can live there again. The creation of nuclear weapons is even worse because these weapons are created in ignorance, anger and with greed. Educators know that the greatest wisdom lies in learning about our interconnections and interdependencies as human beings, along with our interconnection with our natural environment then using this wisdom to build our society. It is not wise to develop ways in which we destroy ourselves. We all can find the dignity within ourselves, contribute to the well-being of others and in this way create the culture of peace we want.
    We make this declaration and will build our platform to continue the heritage of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, founder of value creating education, for all the children of the future.
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